Classes 6,7 Truck Data

What Class 6,7 truck data does ACT Research capture?

ACT Research does capture new production market indicator data on Classes 6,7 vehicles. Types of Class 6,7 vehicles include trucks, buses, RV's, and step vans. 

ACT Research collects market indicator data including backlogs, build, inventory, gross orders, canceled orders, net orders, and retail sales. This data is collected to cover the United States, Canada, and Mexico including exports. This information is available by OEM share by both build and retails sales in aggregate, but not by vehicle type (truck, bus, RV's, step vans). This data is available in monthly, quarterly, annual time series as well as historical data from 1996 to the present. 

The reports that provide this information are:

N.A. Commercial Vehicle OUTLOOK

State of the Industry: N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles

State of the Industry: OEM Classes 5-8 Build and Retail Sales

State of the Industry: Classes 5-7 Bus

State of the Industry: Classes 5-8 by Country

ACT Research does capture Classes 6,7 Used Truck sales as reported by participating truck dealers in the United States only.

Used Classes 6,7 Truck data includes retails sales broken down by auction, retail, or wholesale, price, miles, age, as well as make and model. 

The time series of this data is available monthly, quarterly, or annually, with historical data from 1996 to present.

The report that provides the information is:

State of the Industry: U.S Used Trucks Classes 3-8